R & D

CSUN's high-efficiency crystalline silicon technology is based on thorough in-house research and development. Our high-quality R & D department is headed by Dr. Jianhua Zhao, who has been engaged in PV research since 1979.

Our research team with Dr. Zhao and Dr. Wang holds 62 patents, with an additional 98 patents pending. In 2008, they fabricated the silicon solar cell with the current world record efficiency of 25% for the research team lead by Prof. Martin Green of the University of New South Wales' Photovoltaic Centre of Excellence (http://www.sciencedaily.com/releases/2008/10/081023100536.htm). Furthermore, Dr. Zhao and Dr. Wang are pioneers in the field of selective emitter technology (SE solar cells).

The aim of CSUN's research is to steadily decrease costs and to continuously improve the efficiency of the cells and modules. For this, CSUN has set itself ambitious targets.