Vision, Mission & Values

We at CSUN are passionate about contributing to a world, which does not depend on power from fossil fuels. Our aim is to accelerate the adoption of solar technology across the world to conserve our environment and provide an environmentally friendly, sustainable and conflict-free power supply.

Sustainable global economic development requires reliable, cost-effective and quickly scalable energy solutions. CSUN is a global high-tech company and was established to provide these solutions. With a global installed base of over 100 GWp, we believe that solar power is now a mainstream, viable technology of 'today' enabling the move towards a zero-emission power supply. We seek to provide our customers high-value add solutions through building on our strong foundation in photovoltaic manufacturing and our commitment to innovation to drive the efficiency, quality and profitability of our products. We remain aggressive in our focus on  innovation and cost but remain conservative in our implementation to ensure CSUN products are a safe choice for our customers.

At CSUN, we put our customers and partners in the center of our attention and treat them with trust, respect and integrity. While driving for world-class products, continually improving the quality and environmental friendliness of our products are at the core of CSUN values. We are committed to comply with international safety, environment and quality standards at all times.