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PV module recycling becomes legal obligation in France – CSUN has joined PV Cycle France
With the publication of the WEEE decree, PV companies established in France must finance and ensure the waste treatment of the modules they import and sell. This applies to all natural or legal persons established in France and involved in producing, selling or reselling under own brand or importing solar PV modules. The regulation came into effect on August 23rd and will apply immediately without transition periods. CSUN has been a member of PV Cycle France since June this year.

Marketing News

PV Expo Osaka, Osaka/Japan: 3-5 September 2014
Renewable Energy India (REI), Greater Noida/India: 3-5 September 2014, hall 7 booth 7.59
Solar Power International, Las Vegas/USA: 20-23 October 2014, hall S02 booth 2145
RENSEF, Antalya/Turkey: 30 October – 2 November
Forum Solarpraxis, Berlin/Germany: 27-28 November

Market News

Brazil: Local content for participants of energy auction
Solar companies taking part in the upcoming LER auction’s solar-only category (31 October) will have to meet local content requirements. It’s the first time that national energy auctions have an own section for solar and it is seen as a chance to also develop domestic PV manufacturing.  Only projects using locally sourced content will be able to access finance from BNDES and the Brazilian climate fund.  BNDES offers finance for up to 65% of the module value, the climate fund 15% – in both cases the height depends on the amount of locally sourced content. For BNDES funding, solar projects have to register for the accreditation of the PV components before bidding for funding.
Source: PV Tech 13.8.2014

India: No anti-dumping duties
There will be no anti-dumping duties in the near future as the August 22 deadline passed without any announcement from the Indian government. On May 22 the Directorate General of Anti-Dumping & Allied Duties, a government unit of the Ministry of Commerce, had pledged for anti-dumping duties of $0.11-0.81/W on imported solar cells from China, Malaysia, Taiwan and the US. The Ministry of Finance’s approval of this recommendation would have had to come within three months.
Source: PV Magazine, 26.8.2014